function [fuŋk′shən]
[OFr < L functio < pp. of fungi, to perform < IE base * bheug-, to enjoy > Sans bhuktē, (he) enjoys]
1. the normal or characteristic action of anything; esp., any of the natural, specialized actions of a system, organ, or part of an animal or plant [the procreative function]
2. a special duty or performance required in the course of work or activity [the function of an auditor, the function of the brakes]
3. occupation or employment
4. a formal ceremony or elaborate social occasion
5. a thing that depends on and varies with something else
a) an action which is part of a series leading to a resulting action
b) an operational instruction for programming an electronic device, as a digital watch, computer, etc.; also, an operation performed by such a device as a result of such an instruction
7. any of the roles that a linguistic form can fulfill in an utterance
8. Math. an association between two sets in which each element of one set has one assigned element in the other set: any selected element becomes the independent variable and its associated element is the dependent variable [y = f(x) means y is a function of x]
1. to act in a required or expected manner; work
2. to have a function; serve or be used (as)
SYN.- FUNCTION is the broad, general term for the natural, required, or expected activity of a person or thing [the function of the liver, of education, etc. ]; OFFICE, in this connection, refers to the function of a person, as determined by his position, profession, or employment [the office of a priest ]; DUTY is applied to a task necessary in or appropriate to one's occupation, rank, status, etc. and carries a strong connotation of obligation [the duties of a vicar ]; CAPACITY refers to a specific function or status, not necessarily the usual or customary one [the judge spoke to him in the capacity of a friend ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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